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Soundtrack to my vidaaa

1.Opening Credits- Sea and Cake "The Biz"

2.Waking Up- Sigur Ros "Agaetis Byrjun"

3.Average Day- Fog "What a day day"

4.First Date- The Ponys "Im With You"

5.Falling in Love- Oasis "Talk Tonight"

6.Love Scene- Lucybell "Tu"

7.Fight Scene- At The Drive In "Sleepwalk Capsules"

8.Breaking Up- Blonde redhead "Violent Life"

9.Getting Back Together- Olivia Tremor Control "N.Y.C. 25"

10.Secret Love- The Cure "Close To Me"

11.Life's Okay- The Cure "Doing the Unstuck"

12.Mental Breakdown- Elliott Smith "Cant Make A Sound"

13.Driving- Beck "The Golden Age"

14.Learning a Leason- Elliott Smith "Pitseleh"

15.Deep Thought- John Frusciante "Emptiness"

16.Flashback- Explosions in the sky "A Poor Mans Memory"

17.Partying- Electrlane "Gone Under Sea"

18.Regreting- Trail Of Dead "Mistakes and Regrets"

19.Long Night Alone- My Bloody Valentine "Sometimes"

20.Death Scene- Okkervil River "For Real"

21.Closing Credits-Radiohead "Exit Music"
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